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Chicken &

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Mac N Cheese &

Ice Cream.

Central District Ice Cream Company is the third brick & mortar by Seattle & Portland food truck veterans (Happy Grillmore)- Darren  & Kristine McGill. The husband and wife team started their food venture in 2010 as a small food cart in downtown Portland. The cart was well known for their tasty burger (the Chubs) and in 2011 was voted Portland's Best Burger. After conquering Portland, the couple set their sights on Seattle and made the move north in 2012. With the success of their food truck and catering company, they decided to open a brick & mortar concept. In 2014, along with buisness partner NBA star- Nate Robinson, the couple opened Seattle's first chicken & waffle restaurant (Nate's Wings & Waffles).  Building on the popularity of Nate's signature Mac & Cheese the couple opened  (MELT) in May of 2016. MELT's menu adds creative variations to their original mac and rounds out the menu with pressed sandwiches and cheesy sides. Central District Ice cream Company makes small batch ice creams, sorbets, ice cream sandwiches & popsicles.